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How we clean Car Seat (Basic Clean)


With our powerful cleaning equipment, we are able to use high pressure vacuum to suck up all the dirty bits that have been left over during munch sessions in the car. With the specific tools, we are able to better remove the food particles & dust that are stuck to the fabric.

We pay extra attention to the crisp and folds of the fabric that are usually overlooked.


Vacuum Car Seat Fabric

Removal of Fabric

The reason why cleaning of the car seat can be tedious, is due to the fact that upon removal of the fabric, it takes quite a bit of knowledge of car seats to be able to reassemble the carseat.

Here at sparkle clean, we have professionals who are very familiar with car seats that know how to properly remove and reassemble the carseat properly. With that, we are confident to really strip down the car seat, giving us better access to cleaning the car seat.

Vacuum Car Seat

Thorough Wipe Down

Following the vacuum cleaning, we ensure that the hardware of the carseats are properly wiped down with disinfectant spray together with our in-house cleaning solutions. We spray down all the hardware and meticulously hand wipe all the areas. Its the little details that really matter.

Wiping Car Seat

Wiping Car Seat

UV-C Sterilizing

UV-C light disinfecting uses ultraviolet technology to kill all germs and bacteria more quickly. Its a non-toxic and child-safe method. Thats why we use it in our cleaning services. With our UV-C Sterilizer, we are able to do a final round of bacteria cleaning on the fabric and surfaces of the hardware.

UVC Sterilising Car Seat

Disinfectant Spray/Coating

Lastly, to wrap things up we spray a layer of disinfectant coating to keep the carseat clean & smelling good.

Disinfectant Spray Car Seat

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