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Our Expertise

In our brand story, we shared that we are dedicated to upholding the highest cleaning standards. We also highlighted that we have chosen to work with professionals that have years of experience with baby gear.

Uncle Justin is one of them. He is literally the man behind the cleaning. With almost a decade of experience with baby hardware, he is knowledgeable & dedicated to his craft.

Our Expertise

Starting off as a general assistant in Mothercare, Justin's supervisor spotted that he was particularly handy with the hardware items among baby gear. When asked, Justin mentioned that he used to be an armour technician back in his army days, explaining why he gravitated toward the hardware items.

In a short period of time, his passion and interest in hardware have helped him gain a vast knowledge for hardware items like strollers & car seats.

Man with Stroller

"Whenever the suppliers & distributors bring new strollers or car seat, I will always speak with them & try to know more about the little details and functions. I feel that with that knowledge, I am able to be of more help to our customers at Mothercare," said Justin.

His dedication was actually seen by many superiors, which ultimately pushed for him to be promoted into a Sales Advisor at Mothercare Singapore. With his extensive understanding & knowledge about strollers & hardware, combined with his passion for wanting the best for his customers. Justin went on to received multiple compliment letters & even nominated for the 'Excellent Service Award (Retail)' which is a national level award that recognises individuals who delivered quality service.

Did you know

Justin has gladly transitioned to Sparkle Clean now & uses his skills to better clean the hardware that he has always been so passionate & enthusiastic about. His goals & commitment are so closely aligned with our Motto here at Sparkle Clean, which is to alleviate the burden of cleaning & allow parents to enjoy parenting.

Man Cleaning

Visit our store @ Mothercare Harbourfront today to meet Our Expert, Justin 😊

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