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Frequently Asked Questions

Sparkle Clean 

I would like to get my car seat/stroller cleaned,
how do I go about doing that? 

You can start off by deciding whether you would like to bring the items into our store or opt for delivery option. 😊 

*For delivery related matters, please refer to our Delivery & Pick Up Terms & Condition
**Pick Up & Delivery fees are excluded from the price indicated for cleaning services. Contact our customer service for more info on delivery services. ***For single item 2 way delivery would cost approx. SGD $50. 

However, if you have opted to bring the item into the physical stores. You can use the following table below to help you choose a suitable cleaning service for your baby gear. 

Decision Tree (to find suitable cleaning service)

As seen in the table above, We have 3 tiers of cleaning service; 
- Basic (same day collection - 60 minutes)
- Deep (same day collection depending on condition of item - 120 minutes)
- Ultimate (1-2 days turnaround)


Where are your physical store? 

click here for more details.

Harbourfront Outlet: 
1 Maritime Square, #03-05 HarbourFront Centre, Singapore 099253

Paragon Outlet: 
290 Orchard Rd, #05-27 Paragon Shopping Centre, Singapore 238859


We would like to book an appointment, how do we do it? 

Cart out on our website the service of your choice and make an appointment here
Alternatively, you can give us a call or WhatsApp 9726 0315 with your preferred time slot.

When will be the earliest appointment? 

You may use the link here to check for earliest delivery. 

Can I walk-in or is it compulsory to make an appointment?

We do accept walk-ins however the collection of the cleaned items will depends on the available slots for the day. However, we do encourage for you to make an appointment if you intend to get your cleaning done within the stipulated time/ same day collection, as we are unable to ensure you that we have a cleaning time slot available for walk-ins when we are busy. 

Can I make payment in-store or do I have to purchase online? 

Both payment methods are available and accepted. However, for our payment in store, we are currently moving towards cashless payment. Therefore we are using SGQR Code for payment to be done via Paylah/Paynow or any iBanking app that supports SGQR Code. *Paywave not supported.

Should you prefer to use Credit Card Payment methods, you can do so via our online website, and our staff will assist you accordingly.

Besides Car Seats / Strollers, is there cleaning services for other baby gear such as Baby Carrier or Cot-beds? 

Yes we do, we have recently released a new collection of cleaning services.
The latest being, baby rockers, cotbeds, mattress & even activity centre. 
Check it out our New Releases here
You can always speak to our cleaning specialist via our customer service hotline. 


For more enquiries, 

If you’d like to find out more please email our support team.

You can also call us or WhatsApp us directly @ 9725 0315.