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Tips & Trick: 3 Tips to better maintain your stroller

Ever stood there thinking, "My stroller is a mess, its dirty, dusty & old. I wish I could have taken better care of it". Well, we understand your frustration, and we're here to help. At sparkle clean, we have hired professionals who have up to a decade of knowledge and experience in strollers. One of which is named, Justin. We have a whole article written up for you to know him better coming soon, check it out here.

"Man behind the Cleaning"

Having cleaned almost close to a 1000 strollers year to date, Justin has seen his fair share of strollers. Together, we decided to come up with a few DIY tips & tricks that you can perform on your own to better take care of your strollers.

Man Cleaning

Tip 1: Cleaning of Seat Belts

The seat belt is one of the area your child fiddles with the most. At times, they might even bite/chew on it. Therefore, a simple way to keep things hygienic is to wipe it down with a wet wipe frequently

Cleaning seatbelt

Not forgetting the buckles as well. Give it a good wipe down. 

Cleaning Buckle

Cleaning Buckle

Tip 2: Removing Spills and Stains as soon as possible

We can't prevent spills and food from getting on our strollers. However, what we can do is prevent it from staining the fabric of the strollers. Whenever a spill happens, make sure to wipe off any liquids or food from the surface of the fabric. This would prevent the liquid from further penetrating the fabric leading to deep stains that are tough to remove.

Wiping Stains Off Fabric

Tip 3: Try not to get into a Sticky Situation

As we are currently in the dengue season, parents would do more to ensure that their child get the adequate protection against mosquitos. This includes mosquito repellents, mosquito nets & not forget MOSQUITO PATCHES. Parents often would stick these patches on the clothes of the children, but from time to time, they tend to remove them & paste on the side of the strollers. (We can proof this with our experience in cleaning close to a 1000 strollers YTD)

There's nothing wrong with this, however, when these stickers stay on for a long period of time. They tend to leave a very sticky residue on the hardware of the stroller. Have you ever tried to tear off stickers that have been on hard surfaces for a long time? The sticker breaks apart midway, and leaves an aesthetically unpleasant look and feel on the surface. This can be hard to remove and bad for your child's safety.

Let me explain. With the hardware surface damaged & sticky, it might cause for dirt & bacteria to get onto those sticky surfaces. Your child might touch those areas with their hands, and put it into their mouth leading to bacteria infections.

Removing Mosquito Patch


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