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Terms of Service


Thank you for your kind interest in our Sparkle Clean, Baby Gear Cleaning Services. Our goal is to ultimately alleviate the burden of cleaning baby gear from parents and allow them to fully enjoy their parenting journey. We do so by providing high standards of cleaning to give parents a peace of mind when using their baby gear with their loved ones. 

Here are our terms & conditions that you need to know and agree with if you would like to engage in our cleaning services.

By engaging in our cleaning services here at Sparkle Clean, you accept the following terms and conditions:

1. Baby Gear Safety and Condition

1.1. To ensure the highest standards of safety and cleanliness for your baby & baby gear. Before every order or cleaning service, we will always ensure that the functionality of the baby gear is in good and usable condition. Otherwise, we will immediately share this information with you. 

1.2. In addition to our conscientious efforts to maintain a high level of safety and hygiene checks, customers will have a proactive role to play to ensure that the baby gear sent to Sparkle Clean for our cleaning services are of usable condition. We kindly seek you kind cooperation to always check the items before bringing it into one of our outlets for the cleaning service. 

1.3. In the event that the baby gears brought into our outlets are found to be  damaged or not in usable condition, Sparkle Clean & its employees have the right to decline the order. In this scenario, the payment made for the cleaning services will be applicable for refund (upon management decision) , but any delivery fees incurred will not be refundable. 

 2. Payment & Refund Policy

2.1. Payment can be done via our Sparkle Clean Online Store, Sparkle Clean Outlet via Scanning of Paynow/Paylah or any other SGQR methods. An alternative of Payment via Company UEN is also available but customers would need to present a screenshot proof of the payment before cleaning commence.

2.2 Other forms of payment such as Credit Cards are not accepted. However, Cash can be used as a last resort. 

2.3 All paid orders have to be fully utilised within 12 months from date of payment. Any unutilised order, partial order or balance will not be refunded or extended. 

2.4 Promotions and Giveaways expiration may differ, and Sparkle Clean management remains the right to remove or amend at any time. Any further extension of discount will be strictly vetted by the management on a case by case basis. 

2.5 The standard form of receipt provided by Sparkle Clean would be either via email or sms receipt. Should customers like to receive a printed receipt, it will be available upon request however this might take 1-2 business days. 

3.Cancellation Policy

3.1. We understand that your plans might change and we accept order cancellation with no question asked with the following refund rates (except for Unlimited Washes):

      1. 100% refund if notify > 7 days before drop-off/collection date
      2. 50% refund if notify > 3 days before drop-off/collection date
      3. 0% refund if notify 1 or 2 days before drop-off/collection date

3.2 We seek your understanding if your payment cannot be refunded due to late notification.

4. 7-Days Money Back Guarantee

4.1. Our aim is always to provide the highest standard of cleaning for our customers. As such, sparkle clean ensures the highest standard of cleaning is done for every single item. To back our commitment to the standards we intend to uphold. We are giving a 7-days money back guarantee for our customers. 

4.2. If you are not satisfied with the results, please let us know immediately and we may offer you a free rewash as the first recourse, this is applicable only if it was an oversight on our end or a mistake by our cleaning specialist.

4.2.1. In order to be eligible for the 7 days money back guarantee policy, customers are advised to check the items upon receival of within the 7 days of collection of the item. This is despite the fact that we do the wrapping of the items for the customers, customers are still responsible for the checking of their items within the 7 days from collection. 

4.2.2 Sparkle Clean is also not liable for any issues or damages caused by environmental factors caused after 7 days of collection of the items cleaned.  

4.3. If you are still not satisfied with the results from the rewash, please let us know within 7 days from your initial wash date and we will refund you 100% of the money you paid for cleaning. Please kindly take note that any delivery fee incurred will not be refunded.

4.4. In the scenario when there are stains that are tough to remove or lighten due to reasons such as aged stains or stains that has been treated with another chemical solutions before reaching us, we will make known to you up front for your awareness. With your acknowledgement to proceed with our cleaning services with these troubled spots to be on best effort basis, we will still do our very best to lighten them as much as possible. Orders with such troubled stains are disqualified from the 7-Days Money Back Guarantee

4.5. Best Effort Basis

4.5.1. Our services are provided on a best efforts basis – we will not be held responsible in the event that we are unable to clean, remove stains, or otherwise restore any surface, fabric, or condition on your item(s).

4.5.2. Here at Sparkle Clean, we offer our Ultimate Cleaning & Soap Bath Treatment that has proved effective for stubborn stain removal, but the result will depend greatly on how long the stain has been left untreated for.

4.5.3. To ensure that your fabrics remain in one piece after the intensive scrub, we cannot guarantee complete stain removal just like how it looked when you first bought it. However, as mentioned above, we will do our best efforts to clean the item to best condition we can. 

4.6. Limitation of liability

4.6.1. Under no circumstances shall we or any other parties involved in the business of Sparkle Clean be liable for any direct or indirect damages or other intangible losses, including but not limited to any damage related to pre‐existing conditions.

4.6.2 You agree to indemnify Sparkle Clean and its subsidiaries, owners, directors, agents, employees or other partners, from any claims or demands.

4.7. Our Rights

4.7.1. Customer Service has and will continue to be one of our key focus to of our business. However, we reserve the rights to refuse cleaning service to you, if it reasonably appears to us that you intend to send in damaged items in order to claims damages against Sparkle Clean. We also reserve the rights to limit the quantity of items each customer can send for service. To our best efforts, there may be a small number of price discrepancies in our catalogue, if the price is higher than what you have paid, we will contact you for instructions before shipping or notify you on cancellation.

4.7.2. Please kindly take note that the contract of cleaning service between Sparkle Clean and customers begins when the payment for the cleaning service and delivery orders are paid successfully to us. 

4.7.3. As Sparkle Clean chooses to go towards a cashless transaction for our payment methods, the customers are advised to send a screenshot of the payment to our customer service team either via email to sparklecleanbaby@gmail.com or to our hotline via the following weblink, https://wa.me/6597260315/

4.7.4. Another alternative would be that our cleaning specialist would take a photo of the payment on the customer’s phone for audit & tracking purposes. (Should you not be comfortable with any details revealed in the screenshot, you can kindly proceed to cover your personal details & send the proof of payment via the above mentioned avenues.

5. Delivery Policy

5.1. We have kindly partnered with lalamove to arrange for our delivery & pick up service. The delivery includes door to door pick up & delivery. The prices are solely based on the rates that the delivery vendor has provided to us. The delivery fees are in addition to the cleaning service fees. Delivery fees are chargeable at $50 (round trip).

5.2. Urgent same day pick up & delivery service is subject to availability.

5.3. Customers are encouraged to have someone at home during the arranged timing of the pick up & delivery service. Please kindly notify us at least the night before or 6 hours before your chosen time if you are unable to collect/drop off and we will do our best to accommodate. 

5.4. Should our drivers wait & unable to receive the item or deliver the item successfully, additional charges will be applicable for the additional delivery trips required to have the item successfully delivered to you. 

5.5 Should any issues arise with delivery, our courier will attempt to contact you via the mobile number you have provided us. 

6.Promotion Policy 

6.1. Sparkle Clean Management retains the rights to make changes or remove any promotions at any time. 

6.2. Please kindly refer to the following page for the current promotion & its terms and conditions here. Do take note that the promotion terms & conditions are in addition to the terms & conditions stated here. 

7. Privacy Policy

7.1. Personal information collected such as address, phone number are used for deliveries / collection of pram only and we will not share or disclose your information to third parties without your explicit consent, except as specified in this policy. Also, by initiating contact with Sparkle Clean, you are granting us the rights to contact you via calls or messages on the relevant and reasonable topics even if you are registered in the Do Not Call (DNC) registry. 'Us' in this case refers to Sparkle Clean, which legally is under Funwei Ventures Pte Ltd.