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About Us

Our Story - Sparkle Clean



We understand there's more than enough things to worry about when it comes to your children. Among those, Safety & Health are a top priority. 

A Vision

In early 2019, Mothercare had a vision to improve the retail experience for you, our customers, by redesigning our store into an Experiential Hub. 

Part of this was introducing new services to ease the inconveniences parents may have. One of them being; Cleaning of Strollers.

Research & Development

We did some research, and spoke with many different parents to find out some pain-points they faced with owning a stroller. We quickly realised that stroller were just one of the many nursery facilities that was in constant use by them or their children, making it tough to always keep clean.


We gathered a group of professionals to curate a service that aims to take the weight of cleaning from parents. We have redefined cleaning, with our in-house cleaning solutions, jet-steamers & a patented Ultra-Violet Sterilizer equipment (Pending an Upgrade in Size) 

Our Solution

This solution allows you and your children to enjoy freshly cleaned hardware, improve hygiene levels, and extend the life of use of these items. This would alleviate parents of this burden, helping you to focus on what truly matters - your children.

Enjoy Parenting

We are here for YOU! Leave the cleaning to us, and go, enjoy the journey of parenting!