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How we clean Stroller (Deep Clean)


Similar to our basic clean, we always begin our cleaning process with a thorough dry vacuum cleaning. With our powerful cleaning equipment, we are able to use a high-pressure vacuum to suck up all the dirt that is mainly on the surface.

Vacuum Cleaning Stroller

With the specific tools, we are able to better remove the food particles & dust that are stuck to the fabric.

Vacuum Cleaning Stroller

One of the area that is very important is actually the bag storage area. We notice that its somewhere that parents often do not see & thus do not clean. We pay extra attention to it & try out best to remove it out to clean for maximum effectiveness.

Removing Bottom Storage from Stroller

Removal of Fabric

We take pride in removing the fabric of the strollers when cleaning them for our customers, because we know only by doing so we are able to truly get the stroller cleaned thoroughly. Upon removal of the fabric, we would perform another round of vacuum cleaning with the different tools we have to access different areas.

Removing Stroller Fabric

Upon Removal of the Fabric, you can see that we have a better picture of where the dirt & dust are accumulated


Having removed the fabric from the stroller, we will perform the steam cleaning on both fabric and the hardware of the stroller. (We also clean the accessories of the stroller for you)

This is the main differentiating factor between basic & deep clean.

For the fabric, we would thoroughly steam it across all the surface to ensure that the high heat is able to keep any bacterias underneath the surface. This is also where we start our light stain treatment. We will use the steam jet to wet the surface & move on to the next step.


As for the hardware & frame of the stroller, this is where our steam cleaning technique really shines. Strollers usually have areas that are tough to reach, but accumulates dust & dirt. This can lead to germs and bacteria growing.

With out strong steam jet, as you can see below, it thorough washes out all the dirt & dust that has accumulated over time.


With the stained area of the fabric being slightly damp from the steam cleaning, we apply our child-safe cleaning solution to the area & scrub with the appropriate sponge depending on the material of the fabric. We are careful to ensure not to damage the fabric as some materials are slightly more delicate.

*We usually repeat this process a few times if the stain still persist.


Your time is precious to us, so of course we had to have an industrial-grade dryer to quickly dry the fabric and stroller parts so that you can comfortably use the stroller immediately upon collection.

Removal of Dirt from Wheels

Thorough Wipe Down

After all that, our cleaning specialist would manually inspect the stroller, and thoroughly hand wipe the whole stroller to ensure that we don't miss anything out.

Antiseptic Coating

After wiping the entire stroller clean of all the dirt & bacteria, we apply a layer of antiseptic coating that uses child-safe solution to ensure that the stroller is germ-free.

UV-C Sterilizing

UV-C light disinfecting uses ultraviolet technology to kill all germs and bacteria more quickly. Its a non-toxic and child-safe method. Thats why we use it in our cleaning services. With our UV-C Sterilizer, we are able to do a final round of bacteria cleaning on the fabric and surfaces of the hardware.

Disinfectant Spray

Lastly, to wrap things up we spray a layer of disinfectant to keep the stroller fresh & smelling good.

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